Paul McCartney

Working Classical
Studio - Paul McCartney / EMI Classics / 18 Oct 1999
Album Notes

Working Classical was released just one month after the release of Run Devil Run in 1999 and was another example of Paul re-contextualising his back catalogue, this time in a classical setting. The album also saw Paul unveil some new pieces, namely Haymakers, Midwife, Spiral and Tuesday and work alongside the London Symphony Orchestra and noted classical musicians and arrangers, Richard Rodney Bennett and Jonathan Tunick. The album's title was a clever nod to Paul's working class roots and was a way of making clear that despite his lofty ambitions, he was still a man of the people and hadn't forgotten where he came from. Once again, the album was a huge success in the classical charts.

Produced by John Fraser
Executive Producer: Paul McCartney
Balance Engineer: Arne Akselberg
Editors: Paul Baily, Caroline Haigh
Technical Engineers: Keith Smith, Eddie Klein
Mastered by: Steve Rooke

All tracks published by MPL Communications Ltd except tracks 7, 8, 13 published by Northern Song

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