Paul McCartney

Album Notes

McCartney II was the third solo album from Paul and the first since the formation of Wings in 1971. It marked a significant change in Paul's sound, relying heavily on synthesisers and studio experimentation for the first time.  As Paul said at the time, "I made a couple of albums, the normal way you make albums [in a studio], and I felt like doing it the homemade way again because I quite like recording like that – where I play all the instruments. It's almost like a hobby to do it that way." Recorded in the summer of 1979, when the future of Wings remained uncertain, the album was conceived at home on Paul's farm in Scotland. The first song recorded for the project was the self-explanatory Check My Machine (eventually included as a b-side on the Waterfall single, which reached the UK top 10), which included Paul experimenting with his new toys. Work on the album was halted to make way for a Wings UK tour, but once it was decided that Wings was no more the album was finally released in May 1980, spending two weeks at number 1. 2011 saw McCartney II remastered and reissued as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, personally supervised by Paul. Available in Standard, Special, Vinyl and Deluxe editions, featuring high resolution audio and including rare rehearsal footage of 'Coming Up' and the new video for the unreleased track 'Blue Sway'.

Instruments & voices by Paul McCartney
Additional vocals by Linda McCartney
All tracks composed by Paul McCartney
Produced & engineered by Paul McCartney
Technical assistance: Eddie Klein
Cutting: Malcolm Davies
All tracks published by MPL Communications Ltd

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