Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio

Running Time

VHS: 100 mins / DVD Disc 1: 104 mins, Disc 2: 90 mins


1 x VHS / 2 x DVD-9


Chips Chipperfield


Geoff Wonfor & Andy Matthews


EMI Classics (DVD) / PMI (VHS)

Special Features

Contents:DVD Disc 1 / VHS: I War-II School-III Crypt-IV Father-V Wedding-V Work-VII Crises-VII Peace

Performed by Kiri Te Kanawa, Sally Burgess, Jerry Hadley, Willard White, Jeremy Budd, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir & Choristers of Liverpool Cathedral and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

DVD Disc 2 (Bonus Features):Ghosts Of The Past: The Making Of Liverpool Oratorio-Echoes

Film Notes

Originally released in October 1991 on VHS, and then remixed in glorious 5.1 surround sound for its DVD release in 2004, Paul's Liverpool Oratorio was commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society to commemorate its 150th anniversary. Coupled with the Liverpool Oratorio is a bonus DVD featuring the documentary Ghosts Of The Past, which provides a fascinating insight into the making of one of Paul's most ambitious projects. An additional extra, Echoes, features Paul taking a nostalgic visit around his old school - now the Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts. It's here that Paul performed In Liverpool, a song which had never previously been released.

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