For Whom The Bell Tells...Issue 11

For Whom The Bell Tells...Issue 11

Back to the White House‚

It's always good to start the new month on a high and
September kicked off with some great news for the Macca camp. As the
papers have already reported, Paul will be heading back to Washington
in December to receive a prestigious Kennedy Honour. The award
recognises a lifetime contribution to American culture through the
performing arts and will see Paul back at the White House for the
second time in just six months. As The LA Times noted, "Paul
McCartney may be in the running for his own parking space in the White
House lot: He's being honoured yet again in the nation's
capital." Everyone at Macca HQ is thrilled for the boss of
course, and still buzzing from their last trip to America's most
famous address. Roll on December!

From Presidents to pop icons, Macca's also been in line for
some heartfelt praise from some of the country's biggest music stars
this month. First up, we noticed the Modfather himself, Paul Weller,
telling the The Sun newspaper in the UK that working with Paul on the
1995 War Child album was the best day of his life. He told the paper,
"The Beatles were a huge influence on me and my career so working
with Paul was brilliant. We rehearsed at Abbey Road. It was very
surreal. I never ever would have dreamt that would happen." High
praise from a man who is himself hailed as a living legend for his
work with both The Jam and The Style Council and as an influential
solo artist.

Weller wasn't the only one raving about Macca this month
either. Manic Street Preacher's frontman James Dean Bradfield has been
telling the press what it was like supporting Paul when the 'Up and
Coming' tour played in Cardiff, and how impressed he was watching
Macca's show afterwards. He said; He played for three hours, I
couldn't take my eyes off him. I thought he was absolutely
transcendental, I thought he was brilliant. He played 40 songs and he
moved around more than any member of Kings of Leon on stage. I've
never seen a musician more at one with himself. It's a symbolic
relationship between him and music and I can't have more admiration
for a musician than I have for him really. Watching him play
'Blackbird' you know, that's the holy grail of what musicians try to
do. It's simple but somehow complicated, it's one thing and the other,
and I can't figure out how it comes out of somebody. That's why music
is brilliant sometimes. If you don't understand, that person can't
explain it to you. When he played that song I just thought, yeah,
you've got to admit, I could never do that.' It's just amazing. Nicely
put James.

Paul has also been getting support for his Meat Free Monday
campaign in all the right places. Liberal Democrat MP John Leech has
submitted a parliamentary Early Day Motion calling for the Houses of
Parliament to go meat free every Monday, calling for Parliament to set
an example by supporting the campaign. We're all keeping our fingers
crossed for the motion to be passed here and will bring you more news
as soon as we hear it.

You might have noticed an announcement from HP about creating
a digital cloud for Paul. In the newsroom we've had a few emails from
regular readers asking exactly what this means? Well basically it's
incredibly exciting. HP are going to work with Paul's office on the
digitisation of Paul's entire archives. As you can imagine that is a
hell of a lot of music, pictures, poems, videos, lyrics,
artwork‚ the list goes on. So the process is going to take a
while. When it's all ready it will mean that people will have access
to archive material via‚ the possibilities are
endless with this partnership. We are particularly excited, as it will
make research on any area of Paul's career much easier!

Finally some news we can confirm, though, is the long awaited
re-release date for the iconic 'Band on the Run' album. Widely
regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time, the 1973 Wings
album has been entirely remastered and will be available in a variety
of formats. We know Paul has personally overseen the entire
remastering process and is thrilled at the results, so he's really
looking forward to hearing the fans' reactions when the album is
re-released on November 1st (2nd in the US). This time round, the
album will be available in the original standard edition, vinyl and
digital editions, plus a three disc special edition featuring nine
bonus audio tracks, video clips and rare footage and a four disc
deluxe edition, which also features a 120 page hard bound book and a
special audio documentary amongst other things. Phew! It's been a long
time coming but it's certainly well worth the wait, trust us. We've
had a sneak preview at the hard bound book and it's really special, it
looks really elegant, a must have for any collector or music fan.

The coming weeks will see Paul complete a number of interviews
about the forthcoming release and we'll keep you informed so you can
check them out.

And with both that and Paul's return to Washington in the
pipeline in the coming months, Macca shows no signs of slowing down
before the end of the year. Which means there should be plenty more
news next time. Until then...

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