‘My Valentine’ Music Video To Be Screened Before ‘The Intouchables’

‘My Valentine’ Music Video To Be Screened Before ‘The Intouchables’

With his directorial debut Paul has created a moving homage to
photographer Irving Penn featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp
signing the words to his song ‘My Valentine’.

The video is now set to grace cinema screens in the USA from
today appearing before The Weinstein Company’s film ‘The Intouchables’.

Paul told us, “My daughter, Stella, suggested the original
idea to have Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp use sign language to
portray my recent song,
My Valentine. When I showed the
finished film to Harvey, he suggested that it could be shown before
one of the films he was releasing this year. It was very kind of him
to suggest this and I’m excited to hear that it will be shown at
many cinemas before his new release, The Intouchables. Harvey has
been a great friend for many years and I hope he’ll remain so for
many years to come.”

Harvey Weinstein said, “What an honor it is to have Paul’s
short film directorial debut on the head of our INTOUCHABLES
showings. Paul and Stella are great old friends. He was the first
musician to say yes to perform at the 9/11 concert for New York,
which I produced along with our friends John Sykes and Jim Dolan.
Stella had a wonderful idea when she thought this song would
translate well into a film, and I can’t wait to share it with our
audiences when THE INTOUCHABLES comes out on May 25.”

Fan can check out the trailer for ‘The Intouchables’ HERE! and the video for ‘My Valentine’ below.

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