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Le Monde - The Wizard Of Bercy

It was a night of pop history, which covered 50 years of Paul’s life.  A concert by Paul is always an adventure and Paul took the audience with him. With elegance Paul thrilled us all and looked like he was having the time of his life.

McCartney moved effortlessly from instrument to instrument and was backed throughout by his tight band.  He is a tunesmith with the soul of a rocker. 

France Soir - Paul McCartney lit up Bercy

Paul gave the concert of a lifetime in a show nearly three hours long seeded with his amazing hits.  No one could ever doubt his popularity after watching this show.  It took just a few seconds to ignite the crowd with the opening chords of ‘Hello Goodbye’.

The audience lapped it all up.  People of all ages joined together to sing along with songs like ‘Hey Jude’.  The crowd went mad for the rock of ‘Helter Skelter’ and they were held captive during the moving rendition of ‘Yesterday’. 

During the concert Paul showcased the most impressive repertoire in music.  He had fun throughout the show and marveled at the reception he received. Paris told Paul that, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you gave.

Le Nouvel Observateur - McCartney ignites Bercy with his "On the Run Tour"

Paul McCartney will never grow old.  He has the secret of youth.

He was in Paris for the first time in two years and the idol did not disappoint with a show full of the most amazing songs ever.

26 year old Yoni Ohana in the audience told us, ‘This was the best concert I have ever seen.  It’s like he is 20 years old.  I know no one will ever better this experience.’

Last night the Bercy had the air of Shea Stadium.

Macca has not lost one bit of his fiery genius and talent. Crowds are always moved at his concerts.  Even President Barack Obama is a fan and paid tribute to him at a special event at The White House in 2010.

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