Paul Website Q&A November 2009

Paul Website Q&A November 2009

Are you excited/nervous about playing your sell-out show at The O2 London?

Paul: Excited, you go to America, do concerts there and I am always
conscious that people in Britain ask are you coming here and I am not
always able to give a satisfactory answer, so I'm really glad to have
the opportunity to bring the show, that we have been doing all over
the world, back to my home land.

Is it still a buzz that tickets sell-out so quickly?

Paul: Yeah, it really is great. You know if that happens that
people in the audience really want to see you, so it helps when you do
the shows to get a connection between you and the audience. I can
really look at the audience and think, you tried really hard to get
here and I'm grateful for that. That adds to the excitement of the evening.

During the Memory Almost Full campaign you played some tiny shows,
this year you have been packing out stadiums and you have even
played to space before, which kind of show do you prefer and is
there a different type of approach?

Paul: I like both kinds of shows. If you play a small gig it's
exciting because it's intimate, instant and it reminds me of how I
started out, but the problem can be that sometimes people say, oh I
couldn't get in, so that's the advantage of doing a big show, you
pretty much know that everyone who wanted to see you in that town will
be able to get in. The approach has to be different for the stadium
shows as you have to think bigger, so we use big screens mainly so the
person at the absolute back can see the show clearly and therefore can
feel involved.

Lots of speculation in the chat rooms about 'Wonderful
Christmastime' being in your set, any chance this could happen?

Paul: I must admit that the closeness of a couple of the shows to
Christmas gives me the opportunity to do 'Wonderful Christmastime'
which is great as it would be out of context for the rest of the year,
it could be interesting to revive it for the Christmas shows.

You are opening the tour in Hamburg was that a deliberate choice
and how special is Hamburg to you?

Paul: It was suggested by my promoter but I like the idea very much
of opening there because it echoes the opening of my career with The
Beatles. The idea of going back to a city that I have so many fond
memories of, so many early stories about is one that I am very happy about.

Can you give us a word or sentence about each city you will be
playing on the tour?

Q) Hamburg Paul) Memories

Q)Berlin Paul) Wall

Q)Arnhem Paul)Poppies

Q)Paris Paul) Romantic

Q)Cologne Paul) Aftershave

Q) Dublin Paul) Irish ancestors

Q)London Paul) Capital

Is there a particular track in your set that you look forward to?

Paul: At the moment it’s 'Sing the Changes' from The Fireman album.

Opening Citi Field must have been an amazing feeling considering
your history with Shea, was playing 'I'm Down' a particularly
poignant moment?

Paul: Yeah it was good to be able to include it in the set, because
of the fact it was something I remember very well from the original
Shea concert and to do it now and be thinking of then at the same time
was quite a tribute really.

In the DVD 'Good Evening New York City', 75 hand held flip cameras
were used in the filming, was this an idea you had been pursuing for
a while and do you Flip?

Paul: Yeah, I had one given to me as a gift and they are very neat
and extremely handy and great quality. So they idea of capturing the
atmosphere from the audience point of view arose out of that.

Congratulations on your Broadway debut, is there anywhere left you
haven't played that you would like to?

Paul: Lots of places!

Would you ever consider playing one of your albums in its entirety?
a 'Band on the Run' or a 'Memory Almost Full' night?

Paul: Yeah, I have thought about doing that after reading about
other bands like Phish doing the whole of the White Album, which I
think they once did. I just wonder if it might be a tad boring, but
you never know, it's certainly a nice idea and the fun would be
choosing which album to do. I think the less obvious albums would be
more fun.

You end the year on a high with the tour and the O2 show in London
- is there any message you would like to give the users of Paul about this year and what they might expect next year?

Paul: My message to cyber viewers is first of all thanks for being
there and paying attention. Secondly thanks for those of you who came
to our shows. It's been a very interesting year, I have had a lot of
fun on and off stage and I hope to do more of the same in a different
way next year.

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