Paul McCartney

South America May 2013

First stop Belo Horizonte…

“Watching Paul McCartney is one thing, watching him live in our hometown is another. An air of wonder was mixed with disbelief on Saturday that this was actually happening. He was here and not only did he do what was expected of him, he surpassed it. The lights, the giant screens, the special effects, a collection of classics – all part of the package of the greatest ever living artist.”

Estado De Minas – 5th May, 2013

Each time we come to Brazil I’m still staggered by the reaction. It’s so exciting, such a buzz to be around. From the moment the plane touches down, the Macca fever is tangible. First stop of the all new "Out There" tour is the city of Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon) and these guys are ready to greet their hero in style and give him a huge reception as warm as the weather over here.

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