Egypt Station - Explorer's Edition

Studio - Paul McCartney / MPL Communications Inc/Ltd / Capitol Records

Album Release Date: 17.May.2019


Opening Station
I Don’t Know
Come On To Me
Happy With You
Who Cares
Fuh You
People Want Peace
Hand In Hand
Back In Brazil
Do It Now
Caesar Rock
Despite Repeated Warnings
Station II
Hunt You Down/ Naked / C-Link
Get Started
Nothing For Free
Frank Sinatra’s Party
Sixty Second Street
Who Cares
Get Enough
Come On To Me
Fuh You
Who Cares

album notes

1) Opening Station
2) I Don't Know
3) Come On To Me
4) Happy With You
5) Who Cares
6) Fuh You
7) Confidante
8) People Want Peace
9) Hand In Hand
10) Dominoes
11) Back In Brazil
12) Do It Now
13) Caesar Rock
14) Depite Repeated Warnings
15) Station II
16) Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link

1) Get Started 
2) Nothing For Free 
3) Frank Sinatra’s Party
4) Sixty Second Street 
5) Who Cares [Full Length] 
6) Get Enough
7) Come On To Me [Live At Abbey Road Studios] 
8) Fuh You [Live At The Cavern] 
9) Confidante [Live At LIPA]
10) Who Cares [Live At Grand Central Station] 

This expanded version of Paul’s #1 charting Egypt Station will arrive a week prior to the start of the U.S. leg of Paul's Freshen Up Tour — his first extended stateside run since the One On One tour that played to some two million fans around the world. 

Egypt Station was released September 7th, 2018 to stellar reviews. Rolling Stone raved, “Macca keeps adding new gems to his songbook, with nothing to prove except he’s the only genius who can do this… And, oh yeah — in his spare time, he happens to still be the greatest live performer on Earth,” while Entertainment Weekly described the album as, “the still-vital life force of a superstar who has been there and everywhere and is glad just to be here now.”

Egypt Station – Explorer’s Edition is comprised of the original record plus a second album, Egypt Station II. The bonus disc collects all songs released during the Egypt Stationvoyage (tracklisting below), from studio tracks including the surprise single 'Get Enough' to live performances captured at stops such as Abbey Road Studios, The Cavern and Grand Central Station.

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