Electric Arguments

Studio - The Fireman / One Little Indian / ATO

Album Release Date: 24.Nov.2008


Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
Two Magpies
Sing The Changes
Travelling Light
Light From Your Lighthouse
Sun Is Shining
Dance 'Til We're High
Lifelong Passion
Is This Love?
Lovers In A Dream
Universal Here, Everlasting Now
Don't Stop Running

album notes

Electric Arguments was the third studio album from The Fireman and their first to feature vocals. Its 13 varied tracks were recorded in 13 days, over a period of nearly a year. It's also the first Fireman album to be acknowledged by Paul as his work, featuring his and producer Youth's names on the artwork for the first time. Released by the independent labels One Little Indian and ATO, Electric Arguments topped the Billboard Independent Charts and was the first album by The Fireman to reach the UK and US top 75. Its title comes from a poem by Allen Ginsberg, an influence on Paul at the time, as he'd been “looking at the beauty of word combinations rather than their meaning.” The album was a huge critical success, with Rolling Stone referring to it as “the ex-Beatle's headiest music in years.”

Produced by Paul McCartney & Youth
Recorded & mixed by Clive Goddard at Hog Hill Mill
Programming by Tim Bran
Additional programming by David Nock
Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios
Sound Assistance Keith Smith, John Hammel, Eddie Klein, Jamie Kirkham
Design Norman Hathaway
Photography Ruth Ward
Published by MPL Communications Ltd./Inc.
(P) & © 2008 MPL Communications Ltd.

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