Liverpool Sound Collage

Studio - Paul McCartney / Hydra

Album Release Date: 21.Aug.2000


album notes

Liverpool Sound Collage was a response to the artist Peter Blake’s request for a soundtrack to About Collage, his 2000 exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Extending the collage idea beyond its traditional visual form, Paul assembled elements on the streets of Liverpool, where he interviewed astonished shoppers and passers-by. These local recordings range from snatches of chat with students at The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, to the sound of the Mersey, to comments from “the lady who gets me my chips when I’m back in the Pool”. A collaboration with the Welsh band Super Furry Animals and his Fireman partner Youth, the album also contains out-takes from recordings made between 1965 and ’69 with George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon. “I compiled sounds and made the basic collage,” Paul recounted. “I asked Cian Ciarán of Super Furry Animals to mix something from it, which he kindly did, and my mate Youth used his talents to add a final touch.”

Tracks 1 & 4 Paul McCartney, The Beatles
Track 2 Super Furry Animals, The Beatles
Track 3 Youth
Track 5 Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Super Furry Animals
Produced by Paul McCartney
Engineers: Paul Hicks, Lord Doufus, Youth

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