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Paul Is Live, recorded during the tour in support of Off The Ground, was Paul's fifth live album and is famous for its title's double meaning and the rumour-scotching cover art. Ever since the 1969 release of Abbey Road, there had been hoax-fuelled stories of Paul’s untimely death. The new title was a way of saying that this was most definitely not the case. The artwork is a play on the famous Abbey Road cover, with Paul crossing that same street but wearing shoes and using his left hand this time. (Originally, his bare feet and the holding of a cigarette in his right hand had supposedly been clues that it wasn't him on the cover.) As well as a raft of solo, Wings and Beatles favourites, the album also offers an insight into the band's sound checks, the final three songs all being improvised during rehearsals in various locations on the tour.

Performed by
Paul McCartney: Vocals, Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano
Linda McCartney: Vocals, Keyboards
Hamish Stuart: Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass
Robbie McIntosh: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Vocals
Blair Cunningham: Drums, Percussion

Produced by Paul McCartney
Mixed & engineered by Geoff Emerick
Tracks 12, 14, & 23 recorded by Julian Mendelsohn & Bob Kraushaar
FOH Sound Engineer: Paul 'Pablo' Boothroyd
Monitor Engineer: John Roden

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