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Run Devil Run was recorded a year after Linda’s sad death in 1998. At the time, Paul recounted his reasons for making it: “People have said to me one of the things to get over a tragedy is to stay really busy, really busy, but I thought, no, I am not going to do that. I see that one but it's just too easy. It's a bit like denial. So, I thought, well, for at least a year I am not going to do that. So I didn't. I just did whatever came along, or whatever I felt good about. But I thought, well maybe after the end of a year I will start to think of what I want to do, and the immediate project that I had been talking to Linda about was the rock and roll album.” Featuring covers of obscure and familiar songs from the 1950s alongside three new songs written in the same style, Run Devil Run saw Paul return to work with some familiar faces, most notably Back To The Egg producer Chris Thomas and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. As Paul said at the time, “In a way I am glad with this rock and roll album that I have got back to my roots, it will reassure anyone who thinks ‘He’s gone all classical now,’ that that is not the case.  It’s just another of the things I do. I still love my kind of rock and roll music.”

Performed by:
Paul McCartney - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
David Gilmour - Electric Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mick Green - Electric Guitar
Ian Paice - Drums, Percussion
Dave Mattacks - Drums, Percussion
Pete Wingfield - Piano, Hammond Organ
Geraint Watkins - Wurlitzer, Piano
Chris Hall - AccordionProduced by Chris Thomas & Paul McCartney
Engineered by Geoff Emerick and Paul Hicks
Mastered by Steve Rooke
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

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