Long Haired Lady

Long Haired Lady

Paul McCartney

Well well well well well  
Do you love me like you know you ought to do?  
Well well well well well
Or is this the only thing you want me for?  
Well, I've been meaning to talk to you about it for sometime,  
Sweet little lass you know, my long haired lady.  
Who's the lady that makes that brief occasional laughter?  
She's the lady who wears those flashing eyes.  
Who'll be taking her home when all the dancing is over?  
I'm the lucky man she will hypnotize.  
Long haired lady.

Bees are buzzing about my sweet delectable lady,
Birds are humming about their big surprise.  
Who's your favourite person, dear phenomenal lady?  
I belong to the girl with the flashing eyes.  
Long haired lady.  

My love is long, love is long, my love is long
I'll sing your song, love is long, my love is long
And when you're young, love is long, your love is long
When your lips lead into song, love is long, your love is long.


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