Movement I - After Heavy Light Years - Fire/Rain

Movement I - After Heavy Light Years - Fire/Rain

Paul McCartney

After heavy light years
of tenacious trajectory
a ball of fire spat through space
spitting sparks and flames
at new blue universe.

The rains came and came
and extinguished livid flames.
A resistant hiss.
Brooding underground,
a sullen skulking sulk.

Still air hung still.
Silent peaks draped with mist.
A rumbling distance, flash lit
rain soaked slopes; valleys
filled with long quiet lakes.
Still air hung still.

Soothed land lay damp.
Reflecting water skimmed the blue
it was hurled through.
Down low toes of ocean rock
streams of lava froze in shock,
arms locked
round stone lover.

Wept sky swept and grey.
A rainbow bridge
cuts mountain tops.

Souped in pea green
a single cell bulb flicked
to life.

Cell burst,
a shot blot page on time,
and grew to be
all living things.

*Lyrics taken from the whole of Movement I - After Heavy Light Years

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