So Glad To See You Here


Someone's gotta hold tonight
Someone's gotta roll tonight
Someone's got a wed
Action will be red
Why d'ya wanna worry
Ah you're gonna knock 'em dead
Oh yeah

Someone's gonna show tonight
Someone's gotta go tonight
Someone roll your blind
Someone turn your mind
Someone lift your eyes up
And lean in towards the light  
**So glad to see you here
So glad you could come yeah
So glad to see you hear
Carry on, carry on
Yeah yeah
Ah we've opened up tonight
Well in time to make the flight
Aircraft is standing
On the runway
Engine nervously waiting
For something to bite
Yeah yeah
Got to roll tonight
You gotta roll tonight
Some have got it bad
Some have got to do it
You got it better and
There's nothing to it
No no no no

Repeat **

***We're open tonight for fun


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