Spin It On

Spin It On


This is it
*Spin it on,
By yourself (don't stop)
Take it back
To the top  
'Cause I've got
Another lot
Of love for you  
** (That's why) I wanna spin it on
Spin it on

Off to the flicks
With the piddle
In her nix
To the fair with
Her hair in curlers  
Her cousin couldn't get on
Down to the pleasure dome  
Her cousin had to
Spend the night
In an aircraft hangar

***Spin it on
Spin it on

Well off to the field
With a missionary zeal  
For the life
Of the wife
Of a farmer  
Her cousin couldn't
Get on down
To the village hall
Her cousin had to
Spend the night
On a pinball table

Repeat *
Repeat ***
Repeat ** (twice)
Repeat *


"SPIN IT ON" was first performed on Nov 23 1979 in Liverpool

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