Spirits Of Ancient Egypt

Spirits Of Ancient Egypt


You're my baby, and I love you
You can take a pound of love
And cook it in the stew……

When you've finished doing that
I know what you'll want to do
Cos you're my baby and I love you
I'm your baby
do you love me?
I can drive a cadillac
across the Irish sea
– but when I've finished doing that
I know where I'll want to be  
Cos I'm your baby, and you love me.
Spirits of ancient Egypt
Shadows of ancient Rome
Spirits of ancient Egypt
hung on the telly
hung on the telly
hung on the telephone….
You're my baby
I know you know
You could sell an elevator
To Geronimo
And when you're finished doing that
I know where you’ll want to go
Cos you're my baby, I know you know
Spirits of Ancient Egypt
Echoes of sunken Spain
Spirits of ancient Egypt
Hung on the phone – a –hung on the 
Phone a-hung on the phone 

"SPIRITS OF ANCIENT EGYPT" was first performed on Sep 09 1975 in Southampton
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