Teddy Boy

Paul McCartney

This is the story of a boy named Ted,
If his mother said, Ted be good, he would,
She told him tales about his soldier dad, but it
made her sad, then she'd cry, oh my !
Ted used to tell her he'd be twice as good, and he
knew he could, ‘cos in his head, he said

Momma don't worry now
Teddy Boy's here,
Taking good care of you
Momma don't worry your Teddy Boy's here,
Teddy's gonna see you through.

Then came the day she found herself a man,
Teddy turned and ran, far away - O.K.
He couldn't stand to see his mother in love with
another man, he didn't know oh no !
He found a place where he could settle down,
And from time to time, in his head, he said…

Momma don't worry…
…and she said,

Teddy don't worry, now mummy is here,
taking good care of you…
Teddy don't worry your mummy is here,
mommy's gonna see you through.

This is the story of a boy named Ted, if his
mother said, Ted be good, he would…

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