The Kiss of Venus

Paul McCartney / MPL Communications / 18 Dec 2020

Verse 1
The kiss of Venus
Has got me on the go
She scored a bullseye
In the early morning glow
Early morning glow

Verse 2
Packed with illusions
Our world is turned around
This golden circle has a
Most harmonic sound
Harmonic sound

And in the sunshine
When we stand alone
We came together with
Our secrets blown
Our secrets blown

Now moving slowly
We circle through the square
Two passing planets in the
Sweet, sweet summer air
Sweet summer air

[Repeat bridge]

Reflected mountains in a lake
Is this too much to take?
Asleep or wide awake?
And if the world begins to shake
Will something have to break?
We have to stay awake

[Repeat verse 2]

[Repeat bridge]

[Repeat verse 1] 

The kiss of Venus
Has got me on the go

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