The Other Me

The Other Me

Paul McCartney

I know I was a crazy fool
For treating you the way I did
But something took hold of me
And I acted like a dustbin lid

I didn't give a second thought
To what the consequences might be
I really wouldn't be surprised
If you were trying to find another me

The other me would rather be the glad one
The other me would rather play the fool
I want to be the kind of me
That doesn't let you down as a rule

I know it doesn't take a lot
To have a little self-control
But every time that I forgot
Well I landed in another hole

But every time you pull me out
I find it harder not to see
That we can build a better life
If I can try to find the other me


But if I ever hurt you
Well you know that it's not real
It's not easy living by yourself
So imagine how I feel

I wish I could take it back
I'd like to make a different mood
And if you let me try again
I'll have a better attitude

Well I know that one and one makes two
And that's what I want us to be
I really would appreciate it
If you'd help me find another me


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