Winter Bird / When Winter Comes

Paul McCartney / MPL Communications / 18 Dec 2020

Verse 1
Must fix the fence by the acre plot
Two young foxes have been nosing around
The lambs and the chickens won’t feel safe until it’s done

Verse 2
I must dig a drain by the carrot patch
The whole crop spoils if it gets too damp
And where will we be with an empty store
When winter comes

When winter comes
And food is scarce 
We’ll warn our toes
To stay indoors
When summer’s gone
We’ll fly away 
And find the sun
When winter comes

Verse 3
I must find the time to plant some trees
In the meadow where the river flows
In time to come they’ll make good shade for some poor soul

[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat verse 1]

[Repeat chorus]

And find the sun
When winter comes

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