Women and Wives

Paul McCartney / MPL Communications / 18 Dec 2020

Verse 1 
Hear me women and wives
Hear me husband and lovers
What we do with our lives
Seems to matter to others
Some of them may follow
Roads that we run down
Chasing tomorrow

Verse 2
Many choices to make
Many chains to unravel
Every path that we take
Makes it harder to travel
Laughter turned to sorrow
Doesn’t get me down
Chasing tomorrow

When tomorrow comes around
You’ll be looking at the future
So, keep your feet upon the ground
And get ready to run

Verse 3
Now hear me mothers and men
Hear me sisters and brothers
Teach your children and then
They can pass it to others
Some of them may borrow
Tales you handed down
Chasing tomorrow

[Repeat verse 1]
Get ready to run

Chasing tomorrow
Get ready to run

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