Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest

Studio - The Fireman / Parlophone / EMI

Album Release Date: 01.Nov.1993


Transpiritual Stomp
Trans Lunar Rising
Pure Trance
Arizona Light
Celtic Stomp
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest
4 4 4
Sunrise Mix

album notes

As soon as Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest was released, cryptically credited to The Fireman, rumours started circulating about Paul's involvement. An ambient electronic album, the project emerged from Paul’s request to producer Youth for remixes of songs from his previous album Off The Ground, using elements found within the songs themselves. Talking at the time, Youth described how he expanded on the concept: “I thought it would be better to do a more conceptual thing – that is, rather than remix a track I thought we should deconstruct the album into samples and then construct a new mix from those. And Paul liked the idea. He was into it, so I went for it.” Paul then joined him in the studio and the album was born. “It was great fun,” Paul said at the time, “because normally these are the bits that producers try to get me to shut up about – they usually say ‘Stop messing around, Paul, sing the song properly.’” But producer and co-Fireman Youth wanted all the messing around. “It was an interesting release for me.” 

All songs composed by The Fireman
Producer: Paul McCartney & Youth
All tracks published by Juggler Music Ltd

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