Wide Prairie

Studio - Linda McCartney / Parlophone / MPL Communications

Album Release Date: 27.Oct.1998


Wide Prairie
New Orleans
The White Coated Man
Love's Full Glory
I Got Up
The Light Comes From Within
Mister Sandman
Seaside Woman
Oriental Nightfish
Endless Days
Poison Ivy
B-Side To Seaside
Cook Of The House

album notes

Wide Prairie, the posthumous solo album from Linda McCartney, was compiled by Paul after Linda’s tragic death. Among its 16 tracks are 13 original songs written by Linda and three cover versions. Paul, who produced the album, sings backing vocals and plays a variety of instruments. A personal set of songs, Wide Prairie provides a glimpse into the varied aspects of Linda McCartney, from ‘Cow’ and ‘The White Coated Man’, where she stands up for animal rights, to the fun feel of her reggae-inspired ‘Seaside Woman’.

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