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Reinforced by months on the road, the cohesion of a settled line-up was much in evidence on Wings At The Speed Of Sound, the band's fifth album. So much so, that each band member had at least one lead vocal performance, including Linda's ‘Cook Of The House’ and Denny Laine’s ‘Time To Hide’. Made at Abbey Road Studios, it was Paul’s first album to be recorded in Britain since Red Rose Speedway. Two more hardy perennials emerged in the shape of ‘Let ’Em In’ and ‘Silly Love Songs’. The album was another massive success, peaking at Number 2 in the UK (where it was the fourth biggest album of the year) and topping the charts in the US, spending nearly a year in the Top 100. 

Performed by:
Tracks 1 - 11 performed by Wings (Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English)
Tracks 12 & 13 performed by The Country Hams
Track 14 performed by Paul McCartney & Wings

Denny Laine: Lead Vocal on Tracks 2 & 8
Jimmy McCulloch : Lead Vocal on Track 5
Linda McCartney: Lead Vocal on Track 7. Joe English: Lead Vocal on Track 9
Tony Dorsey, Thaddeus Richard, Steve Howard, Howie Casey: Horns
All tracks composed by Paul McCartney except
Track 5 composed by McCulloch/Allen. Track 8 composed by Laine. Track 12 composed by James McCartney.
Produced by Paul McCartney
Engineer: Pete Henderson
All tracks published by MPL Communications Ltd except
Track 8 published by MPL Communications Ltd / Copyright Control

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