Each One Believing

Author: Paul McCartney

Publication Date: 4th October 2004

Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC

Pages: 208


EACH ONE BELIEVING takes you behind the scenes of a major music tour and into an exhilarating world. Poignant, candid, hilarious and illuminating by turns, EACH ONE BELIEVING is a road trip unlike any other. Paul's own personal reflections, along with those of his wife, his band and his crew were filmed by a film director making a film about the tour. This footage along with hundreds of press, radio and TV interviews, all conducted whilst on the road, has been transcribed and edited and woven together with hundreds of never-before-seen photographs by official tour photographer Bill Bernstein. Art director Caroline Grimshaw worked closely with Paul selecting, editing and organising the material used in the book. Chronicle Books

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Each One Believing is a revealing, access-all-areas account of life on the road with Paul McCartney.

Filled with photographs never published before and insider details, Each One Believing takes you behind the scenes for an exclusive look into a private world" on Paul McCartney's most celebrated tour since the Beatles. Paul's own personal reflections are accompanied by hundreds of dynamic images by the tour's official photographer, Bill Bernstein, showing both his public appearances and the quiet, one-on-one moments. What drives Paul McCartney to perform? What goes on behind the scenes? Who qualifies as a VIP (or a VVVIP)? What does it feel like just befoe he goes on stage, and to sing the songs that have touched so many of our lives? This remarkable journey takes us from New York in the days following 9/11, when Paul wrote Freedom, across North America, Europe, and Japan. It includes landmark concerts inside Rome's Colosseum, at home in Liverpool, and his historic show in Moscow's Red Square, because, having written Back in the U.S.S.R., I wanted to go there and play that. Poignant and candid, funny and illuminating, Each One Believing is a road trip unlike any other.

On stage, off stage, and backstage. Here, there, and everywhere. Here is Paul McCartney, rocking the world.

Photographs by Bill Bernstein

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