Author: Paul McCartney

Publication Date: 14th September 2000 (UK) / 20th Sep

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (UK) / Bulfinch (USA)

Pages: 148


This book has its roots in the exhibition Paul McCartney: Paintings which was curated by Wolfgang Suttner and show in the LA Art Forum, Siegen, Germany, from May 1 to July 25, 1999, and the catalogue, edited and produced by Mr. Suttner and Kultur-Buro, Siegen-Wittgenstein, which accompanied that exhibition.

117 colour and 17 duotone illustrations with essays by Brian Clarke, Julian Treuherz, Barry Miles, Wolfgang Suttner, Christoph Tannert and an interview with Paul McCartney. Photographs by Linda McCartney Photographs of works by Nick Clark

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