RAM (Archive Collection)

PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY - RAM (Archive Collection)PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY - RAM (Archive Collection)PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY - RAM (Archive Collection)PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY - RAM (Archive Collection)PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY - RAM (Archive Collection)
PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY - RAM (Archive Collection)
Release date - 22 May 2012


  1. Too Many People - Remastered 2012
  2. 3 Legs - Remastered 2012
  3. Ram On - Remastered 2012
  4. Dear Boy - Remastered 2012
  5. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey - Remastered 2012
  6. Smile Away - Remastered 2012
  7. Heart of The Country - Remastered 2012
  8. Monkberry Moon Delight - Remastered 2012
  9. Eat At Home - Remastered 2012
  10. Long Haired Lady - Remastered 2012
  11. Ram On [Reprise] - Remastered 2012
  12. The Back Seat Of My Car - Remastered 2012
  13. Another Day - Remastered 2012
  14. Oh Woman, Oh Why - Remastered 2012
  15. Little Woman Love - Remastered 2012
  16. A Love For You (Jon Kelly Mix)
  17. Hey Diddle (Dixon Van Winkle Mix)
  18. Great Cock and Seagull Race (Dixon Van Winkle Mix)
  19. Rode All Night - Remastered 2012
  20. Sunshine Sometime (Earliest Mix)

Album Notes

Following the successful recent Archive Collection releases for* McCartney*, McCartney II, and the Grammy win for Best Historical Album Band on the Run (Archive Collection).* RAM* was the next album from Paul’s iconic back catalogue to get the deluxe Paul McCartney Archive Collection treatment.

As with the previous releases in the series, Paul had personally overseen every aspect of the project and the result is spectacular. In keeping with the reissue campaign to date, the Deluxe Edition Box Set is the ultimate collectable for any fan of RAM. In a stunningly presented 112-page book, photo prints, handwritten lyrics, four CDs and a bonus film DVD, telling the full story of a classic album that has gone down in music history as one of the most revered in Paul’s catalogue.

RAM, originally released in May of 1971, is the only album to be credited to both Paul and Linda McCartney and was Paul’s second post-Beatles LP. It was overshadowed at the time by the drama of the dissolution of The Beatles, as played out in the world’s media. The album topped the charts hitting #1 in the UK and #2 in the US. While RAM polarised critics upon its release, music fans and critics alike since have overwhelmingly embraced it, with Rolling Stone, evising their original review up to 4 stars. Recently *RAM *has enjoyed even further re-appraisal and acknowledgement including a number of tribute albums.

Paul and Linda McCartney singing into a studio microphone
Paul and Linda recording 'RAM' at CBS Studios, New York, 1971. Photo by Linda McCartney
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an album from a long, long time ago, when the world was different. This is an album that is part of my history – it goes back to the wee hills of Scotland where it was formed. It’s an album called RAM. It reminds me of my hippie days and the free attitude with which was created. I hope you’re going to like it, because I do!