Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)

'Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)' album sleeve
'Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)' album sleeve
WINGS - Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)WINGS - Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)WINGS - Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)WINGS - Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)WINGS - Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)
WINGS - Venus and Mars (Archive Collection)
Release date - 3 November 2014


  1. Venus And Mars - Remastered 2014
  2. Rock Show - Remastered 2014
  3. Love In Song - Remastered 2014
  4. You Gave Me The Answer - Remastered 2014
  5. Magneto And Titanium Man - Remastered 2014
  6. Letting Go - Remastered 2014
  7. Venus And Mars (Reprise) - Remastered 2014
  8. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt - Remastered 2014
  9. Medicine Jar - Remastered 2014
  10. Call Me Back Again - Remastered 2014
  11. Listen To What The Man Said - Remastered 2014
  12. Treat Her Gently / Lonely Old People - Remastered 2014
  13. Crossroads - Remastered 2014
  14. Junior's Farm - Remastered 2014
  15. Sally G - Remastered 2014
  16. Waling In The Park With Eloise - Remastered 2014
  17. Bridge On The River Suite - Remastered 2014
  18. My Carnival - Remastered 2014
  19. Going To New Orleans (My Carnival) - Remastered 2014
  20. Hey Diddle - Ernie Winfrey Mix
  21. Let's Love - Remastered 2014
  22. Soily -From "One Hand Clapping" / Remastered 2014
  23. Baby Face - From "One Hand Clapping" / Remastered 2014
  24. Lunch Box / Odd Sox - Remastered 2014
  25. 4th Of July - Remastered 2014
  26. Rock Show - Old Version
  27. Letting Go - Remastered 2014 / Single Edit

Album Notes

In 2014 Wings' Venus and Mars received the Paul McCartney Archive Collection treatment. Featuring the original 13-track album remastered at Abbey Road, the Archive Collection also included bonus tracks including 'Junior’s Farm' and 'My Carnival'. As with all the Archive Collection, Paul personally supervised all aspects of the reissue and remastering work was done at Abbey Road by the same team who have worked on all the reissues as well as The Beatles’ catalogue.

The remastered 3-disc (2CD, 1DVD) Deluxe Edition is housed in a hardback book featuring unpublished photographs, new interviews with Paul, material from Paul’s archives and expanded track-by-track information. The deluxe version bonus DVD will be comprised of filmed material from around the time of each release, some of which has never been seen before.

Following 1973’s Band on the Run the mid ‘ 70s were a commercial heyday for Wings. Venus and Mars, the band’s fourth studio album was released in May 1975 ahead of the legendary ‘Wings Over The World’ tour. Preceded by the US Number One single ‘Listen To What The Man Said’, Venus and Mars hit the Number One spot in the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic and went on to sell over 4 million copies worldwide to date.

Paul wearing a striped Mexican poncho holding yellow and red balls.
Paul in the Mojave Desert during a promo photo shoot for the 'Venus and Mars' album. Photos by Linda McCartney