Wings Over America (Archive Collection)

'Wings Over America (Archive Collection)' album sleeve
'Wings Over America (Archive Collection)' album sleeve
WINGS - Wings Over America (Archive Collection)WINGS - Wings Over America (Archive Collection)WINGS - Wings Over America (Archive Collection)WINGS - Wings Over America (Archive Collection)WINGS - Wings Over America (Archive Collection)
WINGS - Wings Over America (Archive Collection)
Release date - 27 May 2013


  1. Medley: Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet - Live
  2. Let Me Roll It - Live / Remastered
  3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt - Live / Remastered
  4. Medicine Jar - Live / Remastered
  5. Maybe I'm Amazed - Live / Remastered
  6. Call Me Back Again - Live / Remastered
  7. Lady Madonna - Live / Remastered
  8. The Long And Winding Road - Live / Remastered
  9. Live And Let Die - Live / Remastered
  10. Picasso's Last Words - Live / Remastered
  11. Richard Cory - Live / Remastered
  12. Bluebird - Live / Remastered
  13. I've Just Seen A Face - Live / Remastered
  14. Blackbird - Live / Remastered
  15. Yesterday - Live / Remastered
  16. You Gave Me The Answer - Live / Remastered
  17. Magneto And Titanium Man - Live / Remastered
  18. Go Now - Live / Remastered
  19. My Love - Live / Remastered
  20. Listen To What The Man Said - Live / Remastered
  21. Let 'Em In - Live / Remastered
  22. Time To Hide - Live / Remastered
  23. Silly Love Songs - Live / Remastered
  24. Beware My Love - Live / Remastered
  25. Letting Go - Live / Remastered
  26. Band On The Run - Live / Remastered
  27. Hi Hi Hi - Live / Remastered
  28. Soily - Live / Remastered

Album Notes

The historic live album which documented the band’s triumphant 1976 tour across North America has been reissued in a range of formats. Fans and hardcore devotees alike will be especially thrilled with the stunning four-book, four-disc (3CD, 1DVD) Deluxe Edition Box Set. The box set's superior audio and video include the two-disc Wings over America album remastered at Abbey Road, a bonus audio disc recorded live at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, a bonus DVD containing the rarely seen 75-minute television special Wings over the World and the photo gallery montage entitled ‘Photographer’s Pass’.

The Deluxe Edition Box Set contains four exquisitely rendered art books packaged with an incredible array of exclusive memorabilia, souvenirs, mementos, keepsakes and never-before-seen photos and art work from this historic tour.

The spectacular 110-page commemorative tour book beautifully recounts the behind-the-scenes drama through dozens of live performances and backstage photos along with new interviews and liner notes from eminent music journalist David Fricke.

The Wings over America leatherette-bound ‘Tour Itinerary’ contains extravagant memorabilia including printed 8X10 glossy band photos, a backstage guest pass, facsimiles of the invitation to the infamous end-of-tour party at the Harold Lloyd Estate in Beverly Hills along with Wings over America concert tickets, original album artwork, tour posters, set lists, lyrics, press materials and much more.

‘Look!’, the box set’s warm and intimate book of Linda McCartney photography features Paul and the band in their everyday life as they made their way across the country in the spring of ’76.

Lastly, the set contains ‘The Ocean View’ an extraordinary hardbound compendium of drawings and sketches by artist Humphrey Ocean that captures the band on tour in relaxed and revealing ways. A striking artistic achievement in and of itself, the audacious ‘Wings over America’ Deluxe Edition Box Set is a must have for any McCartney enthusiast.

Selected from ninety hours of recordings, Wings Over America is a faithful account of the 1975-76 world tour, taped at several of the US shows (but mixed as if it were a single performance and including studio overdubs recorded prior to its release). Though an expensive triple disc – the initial plan was to release it as a double album, but a successful bootleg released just before meant Paul expanded it - sales were remarkable and it remains one of very few live albums to make number one in America (incidentally, the band's fifth number one album in a row).

Performed by
Paul McCartney: Vocals, bass guitar, piano, acoustic guitar
Linda McCartney: Vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine: Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano gass, gob iron
Jimmy McCulloch: Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
Joe English: Drums, vocals
Tony Dorsey: Trombone
Howie Casey: Saxophone
Steve Howard: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Thadeus Richard: Saxophone, clarinet, flute

Produced by Paul McCartney
Recording engineers: Phil McDonald, Jack Maxson, Mark Vigars & Tom Walsh

Well, this was the first time we started playing The Beatles songs again. So, I think, from the tours before it had been mostly Wings songs. Wings had been becoming Wings. And then on this tour, everything sort of exploded. Previously all of the efforts had been to establish Wings and to make something that wasn't like a Beatles tribute band. But once we had a few hits with Wings - and ‘Band on the Run’ was a really big hit album - we had some of these hits in our repertoire, and it did feel like, 'Oh, it's okay, now we can do Beatles stuff!'