Why does the music player auto-play when I arrive on the site?

PaulMcCartney.com aims to keep its visitors up-to-date on the activities of Paul McCartney. As such it is very much based around Paul's music, which is why it begins playing on your arrival.

However, we appreciate this will not be to everyone's taste and have given you the option to switch off the 'Auto-Play' function in the music player. The website will remember your preference for up to 14 days.

Which browsers do PaulMcCartney.com support?

PaulMcCartney.com supports the following browsers:

- Firefox (recent versions)
- Chrome (recent versions)
- Internet Explorer 8+
- Opera (latest version)
- Safari (recent versions)
- Safari on iPad 3+ (iOS 6 & 7)
- Android tablets Android 4.0+

How can I contact the administrators of PaulMcCartney.com?

Contact our support team using the through the website’s Feedback form below

How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

Subscribe to the newsletter sign up form below.

My question is not listed, how can I submit a question?

If your question is not listed please submit your comment on the Maccaboard or through the website's Feedback form below

Who should I contact for tour merchandise queries?

Contact customer service directly for issues regarding tour merchandise.

Who should I contact for merchandise queries?

Contact customer services directly for issues regarding the merchandise store.

How do I find out about VIP tickets?

To purchase VIP tickets, please check the ‘Upcoming Tour Dates’ page and click the VIP ticket button for your preferred show.

If you have already purchased tickets, please contact the ticket vendor.

Who should I contact for ticket queries?

For customer service issues regarding tickets purchased through PaulMcCartney.com, please visit Crowd Surge

When is Paul touring next?

Check the Live section for Paul's upcoming tours

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