In The World Tonight

Release Date: 06.Oct.1997

Distributor: PNE Video (UK) / Rhino Home Video (USA)

Running Time: 01:13:00

Producer: Geoff Wonfor

Director: Geoff Wonfor

Label: PNE Video (UK) / Rhino Home Video (USA)


Documentary filmed during the recording of 'Flaming Pie' which also features the promo video for The World Tonight.

Film Notes

Documenting the recording process for Paul's 1997 album Flaming Pie, In The World Tonight is a fascinating insight into how a studio album is constructed, following Paul around his home studio and Abbey Road as he creates what would go on to be his first studio album in four years. In many ways there are two Paul McCartneys, the legend and the man. In The World Tonight reveals the man behind the public face, intimately capturing him at work, at ease and as candid as ever.

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