Movin' On

Release Date: 29.Sep.1993


Running Time: 00:59:00

Producer: Aubrey Powell

Director: MPI



Paul recording in the now legendary Studio 2 at the Abbey Road Studios, scene of The Beatles' first album.
Special effects created by Matthew Robbins for the Off The Ground video shoot.
Paul relaxing at Linda's LA photographic exhibition.
Behind-the-scenes as Kevin Godley directs Paul for the C'Mon People video.
Paul performing with Angelo Badalamenti and 52 piece orchestra.
3 tracks live in full rehearsal.

Film Notes

Movin' On was released in 1993 to coincide with the build-up to Paul's New World tour, which accompanied the release of the album Off The Ground. The hour-long film includes footage of Paul recording in the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road, used during the recording of The Beatles’ first album, as well as extras from the Off The Ground video shoot, behind the scenes snippets and Paul performing with celebrated composer Angelo Badalamenti and a 52-piece orchestra.

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