Paul McCartney's Rupert And The Frog Song

Release Date: 07.Sep.1990

Distributor: Vision Video Ltd

Running Time: 00:23:00

Producer: Various

Director: Various

Label: Vision Video Ltd



Animated Films:
Rupert and the Frog Song
Seaside Woman
Oriental Nightfish

Film Notes

Released in line with the hugely successful ‘We All Stand Together’ single, Paul’s Rupert and The Frog Song went on to become the biggest selling video of 1985 and was later nominated for the Best Music Video – Short Form at the 1986 Grammys. As well as featuring the main story of Rupert's adventures with the frog chorus, the video also came with two other short films, Seaside Woman and The Oriental Nightfish, both featuring music by Linda McCartney.

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