Wingspan: An Intimate Portrait

Release Date: 20.May.2001

Distributor: Capitol

Running Time: 02:00:00

Producer: Alistair & Mary Donald

Director: Alistair Donald

Label: Capitol



22 minutes of previously unseen, fascinating out-takes
Promotional videos of 'Jet', 'Rockestra' and 'Let 'Em In'
An in-depth discography of Paul McCartney and Wings
Plus a 100 picture photo gallery, including many rarities

Film Notes

When The Beatles ended in 1970 it was generally assumed that each member would struggle to replicate even a fraction of the influence or success of their former band. With Linda at his side, Paul would immediately start another epoch-defining band in Wings and Wingspan: An Intimate Portrait is a document of how they went about it. This film represents a journey through the ten years of marriage, the four children, 11 albums, ten tours and six line-ups that make up Wings. Combining a musical chronicle with McCartney family history, the documentary film reveals rare behind-the-scenes footage, home movies, and intimate family photos, to paint a picture of the band who dared to follow The Beatles.

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