Download 'Lifelong Passion' For AAM

Download 'Lifelong Passion' For AAM


Go to to check out the specially created page on which you can download
'Lifelong Passion', an exclusive track only available for the Night Of
1000 Dinner campaign with Adopt-A-Minefield.

Original Press Release

Paul McCartney To Host Virtual Night of a Thousand Dinners Party To
Benefit Adopt-A-Minefield

Groundbreaking Online Event Features An Exclusive Offering Of A New
Paul McCartney Track Lifelong Passion

A Menu Provided By Chef Jamie Oliver

McCartney Track Available From 5th June 2008 (World Environment
Day) To 12th June 2008

Paul McCartney will play host. Revered chef Jamie Oliver has set
the menu. And the whole world is invited to, a special Night of a
Thousand Dinners. The groundbreaking event invites people to join
Pauls dinner to raise money for Adopt-A-Minefields effort to resolve
the global landmine crises and help put land back into productive use.
To take part in the event, guestsare invited to log on to on 5th
June, World Environment Day.

People from all over the world will be able to sign up and register
as a guest and join Pauls virtual dinner party. Jamie Oliver has
specially provided some vegetarian recipes for the occasion and Paul
McCartney has donated the music, both of which will be available from

Any registered guest who has donated a minimum of $25.00 USD to
Adopt-A-Minefield will receive a special thank you from Paul McCartney
- access to a one-time only exclusive download of a previously
unreleased track Lifelong Passion.

This special Paul McCartney track, Lifelong Passion, is a track
Paul recorded under the name The Fireman, the result of collaborations
between Paul McCartney and respected producer Youth. They released two
albums in the 90s and have been working on a follow up in recent
months. More news to follow on this project but Lifelong Passiongives
you a taste of what is to come. The track, along with Jamies recipes,
will be available from 5th-12th June.

Paul McCartney, who has been a committed long-term supporter and
Goodwill Ambassador for Adopt-A-Minefield said, The Night of a
Thousand Dinners is not only a great way to raise money for a just
cause, its also a good way for friends and families to have fun
together. He added, With the growing concerns about world hunger, it
should be a priority to clear arable land of landmines so that
communities can once again use their land to grow their own food. Some
music, some fantastic recipes from Jamie and hopefully, with your
help, well be able to raise the much needed funds for the cause.

About Night of a Thousand Dinners Started as a grassroots
effort, Night of a Thousand Dinners looks to individuals,
corporations, and communities across the globe to raise funds for
landmine removal and survivor assistance by hosting dinners.
Participants host dinners in homes, schools, churches, restaurants for
friends and families and in lieu of flowers or wine, they ask their
guests to donate to Adopt-A-Minefield. Night of Thousand Dinners
events are held in over 50 countries and have raised more than $4
million for mine action since 2001.

The global landmine crisis is one of the worlds most pervasive
problems, with an estimated 70 countries considered to be
mine-affected. Landmines are indiscriminate weapons that continue to
maim or kill tens of thousands of civilians every year. They cost as
little as $3 to produce, but as much as $1000 to remove.

The presence of landmines not only threatens peoples lives, but
they also contribute to hunger by preventing arable land from being
used for farming and economic development. Proceeds from N1KD are
forwarded to the United Nations for mine clearance and to select
partner organizations to support survivor assistance projects. AAM
currently works in six of the most heavily mined nations in the world,
Afghanistan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, Mozambique and
Vietnam. Adopt-A-Minefield is a global fundraising and
awareness-building initiative working with partner campaigns in the
UK, Canada and Sweden.

About Adopt-A-Minefield
Adopt-A-Minefield® is a campaign of the
United Nations Association of the USA in partnership with the United
Nations and Ted Turners Better World Fund. With partner campaigns in
the UK, Canada, and Sweden, Adopt-A-Minefield engages individuals,
community groups, and businesses in the United Nations effort to
resolve the global landmine crisis. Visit to learn more.

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