Latest Charity Activity

Latest Charity Activity

Animal Defenders International Paul recently lent his support
to ADI and here’s why: “I hate to see wild animals in
circuses. It is heartbreaking to see these poor animals confined in
small cages and carted around the country with little respect for
their welfare and well-being. I have made my feelings known previously
on this subject and I believe an outright ban is long overdue.”

VIP for charity An unprecedented amount of money was raised
through auctioning off VIP tickets to Paul’s recent “On
The Run” shows. We’d like to thank all of the generous
bidders who had the rare opportunity to meet the man himself and make
a huge difference to Why Hunger and Green Community Schools. Click
here to find out more about these wonderful organisations:

Come Together Paul knows more that most how music plays an
integral part in bringing people together, which is why he is behind
Come Together London 2011, an event celebrating cultural diversity and
inclusiveness through an appreciation of music and dance. Here’s
what Paul has to say: “I believe this is a great cause for the
United Kingdom’s diverse culture. It will also bring hope to the
children of Zambia by using the proceeds from the event to build the
first Music Academy.”

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