Live 8 Cool Pics - Mike McCartney

Live 8 Cool Pics - Mike McCartney


DURING the summer of 2005 Mike McCartney was
present at the main UK venue for the LIVE8 concert in Hyde Park in
London. He was a guest of his brother Sir Paul McCartney and the
show’s organiser and founder Sir Bob Geldof.

Throughout the course of the event Mike took a series of
private and quite personal photographs of the performers, the
celebrities and other activities that took place over the day. They
have formed a remarkable, if very intimate, photo diary of the event.
Most of Mike’s pictures are unique from the point of view that
they were taken from within the ‘golden areas’ –
those behind the scenes that were not accessible to the majority of
press and official public relations photographers, and certainly no
member of the public was able to visit them.

In many ways they are an astonishing and unusual
‘unofficial’ record of the day’s activities,
particularly considering Mike’s special relationship with so
many of the celebrities. He was able through those friendships and
close links to photograph them at their ease and in ‘more
natural poses’ as they took part in what is regarded as the most
astonishing showbiz gathering so far into this 21st Century.
Now many of his wonderful images have been published in a special
‘one off’ photo- diary book that records and celebrates
this particular aspect of LIVE8. A special limited edition of 1,000
copies has been produced and designed by the Wirral based

LIVE8 Photo Book  
firm of Cities500
International Publishers, who also published Mike’s earlier
photographic anthology: Mike McCartney’s Liverpool Life.
Cities500 is donating the books to The Band Aid Trust. Additional
support has come from Nikon (UK), Orange Amplification and Shirley
McLean Public Relations Consultants in Glasgow.
The luxurious
LIVE 8 book has the endorsement and full support of both the
event’s creator Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Paul McCartney, both of
whom have written personal forewords.
* Extracts from the Forewords

Paul McCartney – “Live8 was one of the greatest
days of the year, possibly the decade. Bob Geldof telephoned me,
explained the idea of Making Poverty History and aiming the concert at
the G8 conference. I was sold. Bob’s a great salesman.
Luckily, my brother Mike was there with his trusty camera to record
the day and capture many of the exciting backstage happenings. This
book is made from a selection of those pictures and he and I are proud
to have been there together and to have been a part of this momentous
Bob Geldolf – “God those bloody
McCartneys. You ask one of them to pitch up - the musical genius one,
and next minute the photographers, designers, guitarists, activists,
mothers, babies, sisters, aunties, uncles and the rest all come and
get stuck in. There must be something in that Liverpool mud.
Here's the brother’s bit. The photographer, poet, hit songwriter
one. He who captured perfectly a coming moment and a different age
just before it happened with his Box Brownie or whatever. Who felt
something long before everyone else. Who could hear the sound of it
being born downstairs in the sitting room long before everyone else.
And he shot it. Here he's at it again with his Box Brownie digital.
Taking shots of maybe another age being born.”

•    The book in
the first instance is in reality an additional fundraiser for Sir
Bob’s charity and linked to the LIVE8 theme ‘Make Poverty
•    Cities500 - under the
separate imprint of Woodland Publishing - is producing 1000 limited
edition copies of the book.
•    The aim is
to commemorate and celebrate the LIVE8 event one year on – hence
Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Bob Geldof have endorsed Mike
McCartney’s concept of the book. He has worked in collaboration
with and Cities599 to make available in book form those fabulous yet
informal photographs taken behind the scenes during that remarkable
•    The book helps to re-focus the
attention of the world back to that G8 meeting in Edinburgh and the
LIVE8 concerts that highlighted the plight of the hungry, disposed and
needy of Africa some 20 years after the original LIVE AID
•    We believe it is a perfect
opportunity to support the ethos behind the LIVE8 concept as well as
being an ideal opportunity to further the largely philanthropic work
of the musicians and others throughout show business: those who helped
draw the world’s attention to the desperate plight of Third
World countries.
•    The book will be
launched by the Liverpool Culture Company on June 29th (2006) at the
Lower Horseshoe Gallery, World Museum Liverpool.
LIVE8 Photo Book 

Sir Paul McCartney,
Sir Bob Geldof, Bono and U2, Brad Pitt, Sting, Jeremy Clarkson, The
creators of Little Britain – Matt Lucas and David Walliams, Kofi
Annan, Chris Martyn, John MacInroe, Peter Kay, Harvey Goldsmith, Slash
(ex Guns n Roses), Madonna, Richard Curtis, Killers, Peter Blake, Sir
Ian McKellen, Joss Stone, The Scissor Sisters, Bill Gates, Pink
Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason and David Gilmour – with his
family - and, of course, one of the seminal band’s founder
members, the inimitable Roger Waters, along with George Michael and
Fran Healy from Travis.

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