OneVoice Movement-Paul McCartney has officially joined its International Board of Advisors

OneVoice Movement-Paul McCartney has officially joined its International Board of Advisors

Tel Aviv, Israel

The OneVoice Movement today announced that Paul McCartney has
officially joined its International Board of Advisors, which includes
other celebrities such as Danny DeVito and Jason Alexander, as well as
international dignitaries and political figures like Dennis Ross.
McCartney first spoke with Israeli and Palestinian representatives of
the group, which seeks to empower the moderate majorities of Israel,
Palestine, and citizens internationally to work toward a two state
solution to the conflict, during his visit to Israel at the end of
September 2008. He met with OneVoice Israel Chairwoman, Irit Admoni
Perlman, in addition to staff members and youth activists from the
movement. At the meeting, he expressed his support for OneVoice's
activities on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

Speaking to Nisreen Shahin, OneVoice Palestine's Executive
Director, Paul reaffirmed his commitment to OneVoice's moderate,
grassroots approach to ending the conflict. He also travelled to
Palestine, to bring his message of peace to the West Bank as well.
Later that evening at his concert at Tel Aviv's Park HaYarkon, he and
members of his band wore OneVoice pins in a show of support for the
movement and the ideas it promotes. 

'Having met representatives of the association OneVoice, I was
impressed, first of all, by the fact that half of the organisation is
Palestinian and half is Israeli. Almost 650,000 people have signed on
to their manifesto, supporting their steadfast work to bring about a
negotiated solution, and peace in the region.'

He went on to say of OneVoice:

'They told me that the vast majority of people in both societies
are moderates and simply want a better life for their families and
themselves. This gave me great hope that, one day, people like them
will help to bring about a peaceful resolution to the troubles in the
area. I am, therefore, happy to lend my support in this way to the
cause of peace.'

Over the past six years, OneVoice has built a 'human
infrastructure' of youth leaders and citizen activists working to
mobilize their communities and push their elected representatives to
achieve a two state agreement. The movement has trained over 2,000
youth leaders in Israel and Palestine, and counts on its board over 60
world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, business people, and
political figures. For more information go to:

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