Paul Calls On President Obama To Support The OneVoice Movement

Paul Calls On President Obama To Support The OneVoice Movement

Paul Calls On President Obama To Support The OneVoice
Movement - A Grassroots Organisation Working To End
Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Paul McCartney has recently written to President Barack Obama
making him aware of an organisation called OneVoice, an organisation
that Paul first came into contact with during his memorable trip to
Israel and Palestine last year. The OneVoice Movement currently has
over 650,000 signatories (equally represented by Palestinians and
Israelis) and they work steadfastly towards a two state solution to
the Israel/Palestine conflict, endeavoring to ensure that the voice of
the moderate majority on both sides is heard and acted upon by their
respective leaders.

Earlier this year Paul officially joined OneVoice's International
Board of Advisors, which includes names such as Danny DeVito and
Muhammed Ali. Whilst performing in Tel Aviv last year, Paul's message
was to bring people together via the power of music - a sentiment that
is shared by two singers, Noa, an Israeli Jew and Mira Awad, an
Israeli Arab, who are members of OneVoice Israel. They are to perform
a song together for the Eurovision song contest titled There Must Be
Another Way.

Paul said, 'This seems to me like a great idea, the symbolism of
two people from both sides coming together to spread their message of
peace via music is exciting and inspiring for me. I hope President
Obama looks into this Organisation and feels that OneVoice could be
part of a peaceful solution.'

When Noa and Mira heard of Paul's involvement with OneVoice they said:

'Paul is a great source of inspiration for both of us, and we would
like thank him from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing gift he
has given us with his music and for supporting the great work that
everyone at OneVoice is doing. Our first collaboration, 8 years ago,
was a cover of Paul's song, 'We Can Work It Out'. We've performed it
all over the world, using the timeless words and music to carry our
small torch of hope for a better future.'

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