For Whom The Bell Tells...Issue 1

For Whom The Bell Tells...Issue 1


For Whom The Bell Tells...

As you can imagine the Paul McCartney press office is an
exciting and interesting place to work. There is no such thing as a
dull day here. What the outside world might not ever think about or
get to see are the thousands (literally) of requests this office
receives on behalf of Paul on a weekly basis and of course we do our
best to respond to everything. However it's not all paper work here.
Each week, in our line of duty, we get to hang out with Paul and we
are a constant fly on the wall, so to speak. Well, we thought it might
be nice to share this position and be 'the fly on the wall' (or more
like 'the eye on the Paul') and share our findings with the good users
and people of

So here goes Week One... and what a week to start on.

Monday 26th October saw Paul make his Broadway Debut (hard to
believe I know). There was a lot of fact checking just to make sure
this really was his Broadway first, but the checking proved it
definitely was. You will have read about Paul‚s performance in
the news section so we won't go into too much detail, but our spies on
the ground tell us it was a great night and Paul had fun chatting to
his fellow cast members and Jo Sullivan, Frank's widow. Paul's
performance was accompanied by a small orchestra and he performed 'On
A Slow Boat To China', not literally though, as he pointed out to us
shortly after!

Meanwhile, whilst Paul was treading the boards in NYC and
getting a taste for Broadway, the press office was receiving the
exciting news that Paul's only UK show of this year (at the O2 Arena
on the 22nd of December) sold out in literally a matter of minutes.
Very cool - we love news like that!

Amidst the excitement, David Campbell, the CEO of AEG (owners
and operators of The O2) got in touch to tell us, Since opening over
two years ago Paul McCartney has been the dream act. I'm absolutely
thrilled that the dream has become a reality and this true British
musical icon will play the building. It doesn't get much better than this.

Following the announcement, Paul's O2 Arena show topped the
Google Trends list, which means it was the most looked at news story
on the internet in the UK!

We know first hand just how excited Paul is about his
forthcoming tour and how well all the preparations that go into making
a successful tour are coming along. There are going to be some special
treats but we can't share these just now with you (where's the
surprise, people?!?) so there is much to look forward to.

There's a lot going on in November for Paul, in keeping with
this year so far. Paul will be busy rehearsing with his band for his
tour and will take a break from the rehearsal room on the 12th of
November to appear at the Royal Albert Hall for Children In Need.
We'll be bringing you all the latest official Macca news from the
night itself. In the middle of all this he has taken the time to
complete a new Q & A for the website which will be posted shortly,
so keep checking.

As we get nearer to the release date of the new CD/DVD
‚Good Evening New York City, we are doing our best to find the
time to get Paul out and about to do some interviews, so we'll keep
you posted as we go so that you know where to look out for them.

For those of you with a keen eye on Google News alerts, you
might have seen a few rumours and mentions about Paul writing a song
for a new forthcoming Robert De Niro film. We'll be back next week for
the full exclusive news on this!

For now the press office is getting back to work. The phone is
ringing off the hook with various Mayors from across Europe trying to
blag tickets to THE tour of the year!

Stuart Bell Paul McCartney Press Officer

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