‘Take It Away’ - Released 30 Years Ago Today!

‘Take It Away’ - Released 30 Years Ago Today!

Paul’s single ‘Take It Away’ was released thirty years ago today.

The song, taken from the ‘Tug Of War’ album, tells the tale of a band’s rise to fame and features the wise advice to up-and-coming bands, ‘You never know who may be listening to you’.

The video tells the story of the song and features wife Linda, actor John Hurt – whom Paul had known since the '60s after seeing Hurt appear in the play ‘Little Malcolm and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs’ - Ringo Starr on drums as well as George Martin on piano, who also produced the album. Fans can watch the video below.

The single was backed with 'I'll Give You A Ring' on the b-side.

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