“The Movement You Need Is On Your Shoulder…"

“The Movement You Need Is On Your Shoulder…"

Paul McCartney shows are known for attracting multi-generational audiences but on Monday night in Brazil he attracted a different kind of crowd all together. The Hey Jude singer, who started his new world tour in Brazil this week, was joined on stage in Goiania by a swarm of Grasshoppers.
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The Esperanca Grilo, literally translated as ‘hope’ grasshopper, at times covered Paul from head to toe. The famous animal activist remained unfazed by the situation as he performed a near three hour set.
One of the grasshoppers took a particular liking to Paul and remained on his shoulder for the majority of the show. The former Beatle introduced his new friend to the 47,000 strong crowd as ‘Harold’. Whilst performing Hey Jude, Paul turned to Harold whilst singing, “the movement you need is on your shoulder,” and said to the crowd, “It certainly is now”.
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As reported earlier the "Out There" tour opened in Brazil this week and will travel across six countries in the coming months. The brand new show is packed with Paul’s biggest hits spanning his career. Early set lists have seen Paul play songs which have never been performed live before, including Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! and All Together Now. He opened the first night of the tour in Belo Horizonte with Eight Days A Week, which Paul had only previously played live once with The Beatles in 1965.
Brazil has given Paul an incredibly warm welcome, fans have been camped outside the stadiums in the days running up to the shows in order to secure the best position possible when the doors open. Local papers have declared ‘Beatlemania’ has come to Brazil.
Next stop Castelao Stadium, Fortaleza, Brazil…

Photos by MJ Kim.

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