1,000th Fan Image Regrammed!

1,000th Fan Image Regrammed!

For the past couple of months we have been regramming our favourite fan images at the 'NEW' Instagram account. Fans have been sending in their photos every time they see the word new, plus photos of themselves with their copy of Paul's 'NEW' album along with their favourite tracks and the country they live in. 

Today we regrammed our 1,000th image! We wanted that image to be special and we hope you'll agree this one's very cool. 


Posted by user gobeil_soleil from Canada it is a collage of fans who have become friends thanks to Paul's music. The text with the image reads:

"Hey @PaulMcCartney! Thank you for making all of our dreams come true! Because of you, we've also become friends, despite the fact that we live all around the world! You're the best!"

Check out the 'NEW' Instagram page HERE! If you'd like to see your photo on the page remember to use the hashtag #whatsnewPaul and we'll continue to regram our favourites.

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