...Annnnnd We Have Our 1,500th 'NEW' Instagram Photo!

...Annnnnd We Have Our 1,500th 'NEW' Instagram Photo!

We recently informed fans we were approaching our 1,500th re-gram on Paul's 'NEW' Instagram page. We wanted the 1,500th photo to be something special and did you ever step up to the mark!

After much consideration we re-grammed the 1,500th photo today and would like to thank Instagram user shineonyourcrazydiamond (we're very happy she's a Pink Floyd fan!) for putting together a great and colourful piece of art based around the lyrics for Paul's song 'New'. Check it out below...


We also want to thank everyone who has sent in their photos so far. When we opened the account we didn't imagine we'd end up re-gramming this many photos, but they keep on coming! We've seen great photos from the beach, from the swimming pool, from the snow and incredible artwork created especially for the page. Thank you!

We will continue to re-gram your images so please continue to send them in. We are now looking forwards to re-gramming the 2,000th!

So, here's the deal: If you see the word 'NEW' anywhere Instagram it over to us. Or, if you have a copy of Paul's 'NEW', Instagram a photo of yourself with the album letting us know your favourite songs and also which country you are in. Remember to use the hashtag #whatsnewPaul then keep checking back to the 'NEW' Instagram page to see who we're re-gramming. We hope it will be you!

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