A Big Thank You From PaulMcCartney.com Plus a Free Download

A Big Thank You From PaulMcCartney.com Plus a Free Download

Whilst running the new look PaulMcCartney.com over the past twelve months we have taken note of all the feedback received from you, Paul's fans. It's been informative and useful to hear your thoughts on what you have enjoyed and what you think could be improved.

With this in mind, to make PaulMcCartney.com work better for everyone, we have been developing a new platform for the website. Fans will begin to see the results of this work from Thursday 1st November on the new site.

While we have kept the general look and feel of the previous site some features, such as the Premium Membership, will not feature in the new site. As a thank you to our Premium Members for their continued support, we are putting together a package of goodies including a free download of Paul’s forthcoming film, ‘Live Kisses’. Premium Members will be emailed about this offer in the coming days so keep an eye on your inbox.

PaulMcCartney.com is designed for you, so it is vitally important that you let us know what you want. Get involved and make the site your own by telling us what you do and don’t like about PaulMcCartney.com and we will work with you to create a Paul McCartney experience that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

Head to the Forum now to leave your feedback by clicking HERE!

We are truly excited about the future of the website and hope you are too.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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