Dance Tonight Press Release

Dance Tonight Press Release

Dance Tonight - The new single out Monday June 18th 2007 Taken from
the album, Memory Almost Full This was the last track I recorded for
the album. I was on my way into a meeting in London and I always like
to drop off before I actually get into the meeting, have a bit of a
walk and experience life for a minute.

Anyway there's a guitar shop that I always drop in on the way down
the street and I went in and was chatting to the guy in there and he
mentioned that he had a left-handed mandolin that he wanted to show
me. So I ended up getting it anyway and I found the great thing about
it was that I didn't know how to play it, because it's tuned like a
violin so I had no idea what the chords were. This was good because it
took me back to when I was a teenager being presented with an
instrument you didn't know how to play. So I had to figure it out for
myself. I found one chord, then another one, then a real strange
chord, very simple shape, but an odd chord, I still don't know what it
is but it sounded great. This was over Christmas 2006. With this
little instrument at home over the holiday I started doing this little
thing, stomping in the kitchen, just enjoying myself, trying to find
chords, and then I start singing 'Everybody gonna dance tonight' got
that little thing going, and every time my little girl would come
running in and start dancing, so I fell in love with this song and
with the mandolin and the whole hoe-down aspect and eventually it kind
of wrote itself, I just stuck a few more words in it and thought I'm
just gonna keep it simple: 'everybody's gonna dance around,
everybody's gonna stomp their feet, everybody's gonna feel the beat'
and not try and get too deep. I liked it so much I thought I've got to
record this so I ran in quickly and did it and stuck it on the album.
It seemed like a good atmospheric opening.

A couple of weeks ago we made the video, which was great fun. It's
directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) and
stars Natalie Portman and Mackenzie Crook. We had a good time doing
it. 'Dance Tonight' is the opening track to my new album, Memory
Almost Full. Paul McCartney'

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