‘Early Days’ Goes #1 on Billboard’s Twitter Trending Chart!

‘Early Days’ Goes #1 on Billboard’s Twitter Trending Chart!

Earlier this week Paul published his latest music video, 'Early Days', from the album NEW, which was released to critical acclaim in October 2013.
Shortly after the launch of the video on Monday, the track shot to No. 2 on Billboard’s Twitter Trending 140, and went on to reach a high point of No.1 on the chart. The chart gives an up-to-the-minute ranking of the fastest moving songs shared on Twitter in the U.S.
“The idea (for the video) was inspired by the chance meeting in 1957 that would change Paul, John, George, and Ringo's lives forever,” explains LA director Vincent Haycock
Shot between LA, Natchez, Mississippi and Ferriday, Louisiana, the video also features Paul’s friend, Johnny Depp, jamming on set with Paul and a group of blues guitarists.
“Paul’s scene was incredibly fun to create. It was just him, some blues players and Johnny Depp jamming on set all day. Patti Smith also turned up on set and hung out, which made the crew very happy!” Vincent Haycock
Watch the NEW video for 'Early Days' below:

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Photo by MJ Kim.

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