Explore 'Egypt Station' with Paul: 'Words Between The Tracks'

Explore 'Egypt Station' with Paul: 'Words Between The Tracks'

With listeners arriving at Egypt Station, we sat down with Paul to guide us through the 16 stops of the journey.

Watch and listen as Paul tells how the album was very nearly titled Matching Teeth! Are you planning to do something tomorrow that could be done today? Paul's Dad would not approve, he'd say "D.I.N." - 'Do It Now'! And how did the Trevi Fountain make its way into 'Happy With You'? Find out below as Paul reveals the words between the tracks...

Egypt Station

1) Opening Station
2) I Don't Know
3) Come On To Me
4) Happy With You
5) Who Cares
6) Fuh You
7) Confidante
8) People Want Peace
9) Hand In Hand
10) Dominoes
11) Back In Brazil
12) Do It Now
13) Caesar Rock
14) Depite Repeated Warnings
15) Station II
16) Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link

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